Lockerbie 'chantaje' Ghadafi bomber

jueves, abril 28, 2011 Publicado por Mario Galarza

(NewsCore) - BENGHAZI, Libya - Lockerbie bomber Abdel Baset the Megrahi blackmailed Colonel Moamar Ghadafi to secure his release from a Scottish jail, a former Libyan legislator senior said on Sunday.

Threatened Megrahi get "revenge" and "spill beans" about Ghadafi involvement in bombing if not was "rescued" from jail, former Justice Minister of Libya Mustapha Abdeljalil said in an interview with the British newspaper The Sunday Times.

Abdeljalil said Megrahi threat led Ghadafi set up a £ 50,000 ($80,000) a Fund of the month to spend on lobbying costs and legal in the struggle for the liberation of the convicted bomber.

The former Minister of Justice stated that Megrahi warned Ghadafi, "If no rescue me, will reveal everything." "If not secure my return home, will reveal everything."

Abdeljalil quit his job as Minister of Justice of Libya, as the country precipitated the chaos of a popular uprising against the Ghadafi. He spoke from the city of Benghazi Libya, where he was established a provisional Government fell the current regime.

The former legislator said ghadafi ordered Megrahi to carry out the bombing of Pan Am 103 flight while flying over the Scottish town of Lockerbie in December 1988, killing 270 people – mostly American.

Megrahi was convicted of murder during the bombing and sentenced to life in a Scottish prison.

But the threat to reveal the Ghadafi participation with Libyan leader ensure his release in August 2009 for compassionate reasons because he was suffering from cancer. Megrahi is still alive, in spite of the claims at the time of its release which had just months to live.

"[Ghadafi and his staff] were dedicated to ensure that Megrahi should return Libya, even if it costs them every penny had." It cost Libya £ 50,000 a month to his legal team and members of the family visits and living expenses, "Abdeljalil said, adding that it spends up to 1.3 million pounds in the case."

Susan Cohen, 72, New Jersey, who lost his daughter's 20-year-old Theodora in the bombing, said, "this adds weight to what I have always known - Ghadafi was behind all the time." "The irony is, Megrahi could be returned to prison in Scotland, and the irony is that even he could survive Ghadafi."


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